aliS (Alexandra Steiner)

1970 born as last of eight children in Austria

1989 Graduation at the College Amstetten (specialisation in Arts)

1989-97 Studies of Biology (Ethnobotany) and Visual Arts in Vienna, Mexico and Guatemala

Since 1994 study trips to Central America, Asia and Europe

2007-09 Family constellation trainings

since 2009 MEA - “Mother Earth (heart) Art” activism combining art and energy work

Various solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and England (see below)

Currently lives and works in Austria.

“Looking back today I have always drawn and painted, it was the world where I felt most safe as a child. I drew my world of miracles and I sort of lived there as often as possible. And I just loved soil. I mixed  it with water, painted myself and the objects around me with it, ate it (the taste was just yummie to me and it still is…) and got absorbed for hours drawing my little “big” world into the dust of the ground.

So, I can say that I grew up in a very creative and open environment with enough paper, pens, colours and soil to work with - thank you so much, ma & dad!

My teacher at college realized my need to paint and he supported me as good as he could and it was then when I got encouraged to experiment with different media. Especially in those days - I hated school - creating my own world in which I could withdraw - was very important (I would even say that without my artwork I wouldn´t have been able to make it in the “normal” world).

As I got older my intuitive access to art suffered a bit because everybody expected me to do “beaux arts” and to go for a proper artistical “career”. But neither did I want to be trained in techniques anymore, nor did I want to copy other people´s style. I wanted to follow my intuition which let me decide to study Ethnobotany and step out into the world instead. And I did. I travelled for some time and I kept on painting, learning from different cultures, experimenting on the canvas, transforming every experience into colours and shapes and trying to find my own personal “voice”.

Then I went to Central America for a year. There, after having studied different cultures in both Botany and Arts (African, Asian, European/pagan) and after getting absorbed by the Maya culture, it finally happened. I  found access to my own “voice”, my personal style that has become the basis of my artwork since then. And the core element is soil, clay, earth pigment. There is no painting or drawing that does not contain soil.

Wherever I go I collect the soil there and for me it feels like digging for gold. Every soil is different in texture and colour and holds its own story that I make visible. It feels as if I was Mother Earth´s translator in my artwork. This “gold” is always spread on the canvas with my fingers - no brush or pincel is allowed between me and the matter, the connection must be a direct one. It is like an alchemical process that works best on an intuitional way.

Over the years it seems to me as if I had transformed into the earth myself, representing this omnipresent female earth energy. I found out about the mysterious connection that exists between wo-man and earth. I can “hear” the earth telling me stories of a beautiful connection between humans and the planet long ago. Archaic symbols, figures and shapes arise and want to be re-membered. Mother Earth wants to enter our consciousness again. She wants to make us realise that - however different we may be from each other (or think we are) - we are all walking on her, we are all nourished by her, we come from her and one day will return into her womb. We are ALL children of The Earth, this amazing planet!

So, I go on with the best job in the world which is digging for “earth gold” and telling stories about female energy and re-minding the people of the beauty and the mystery of Mother Earth.”



1970 geb. als letztes von 8 Kindern in Amstetten, A
1981– 89 Bundesrealgymnasium Amstetten
1990– 97 Studien der Malerei und Biologie (Ethnobotanik) in Mexiko (Universidad de
Mexico, S.C.d.l.C.) Guatemala (Universidad del Valle) und Wien (Universität Wien)
Seit 1994 Studienreisen nach Mittelamerika, Asien, Europa
1997 Erlangung des Magisteriums
seit 1999 Doktoratsstudien, weiterführende Beschäftigung mit Ethnobotanik und ethno-mythologischer Malerei

Lebt und arbeitet gegenwärtig in NÖ und Somerset, England

Technik: Mischtechnik (Acryl / Öl / Pigmente / Erden / Meerwasser/ Menstruationsblut/ Blattgold, -silber)


Zahlreiche Einzelausstellungen und Ausstellungsbeteiligungen u.a.

1994/1997 La Galeria (Antigua Guatemala, GUA)
1995  Galerie Celeste (Wien, A)
1997 CAfe (Wien, A), Punta Bete (Belize)
1998 Rathausgalerie Amstetten (A)
1999 Kunststation (Kollmitzberg, A)
2001 “be/greife die erde grenzenlos”: Multimediales Projekt zum Thema “grenzen” (Waldviertel Festival, A)
2001/2002 Kunstpavillion Stift Zwettl, Kunsthaus Horn, OÖ Landesausstellung (Waldhausen, A), Kunststrand Bhang Kao (Kho Samui, Thailand)
2002 Künstlerfest in Kärnten (A)
2003 “healing temple”: Multifunktionale Landschafts-Installation  mit           Aktionskunst (Mostviertel Festival, A)
2003/2004 Art Spirit (San Cristóbal de las Casas, MEX), Galerie ST.A.LL (Amstetten, A)
2004 Galerie im Mauthaus (St. Nikol, A), Café Arte (La Graciosa, SP)
2005 Kunststation Maringer (Groß Gerungs, A)
2007 Art Spirit(S.C.d.l.C, Mexiko), Ars Femina (Amstetten, A)
2008 Schloß Ulmerfeld  (A)

2009 Galerie ST.A.LL(Amstetten, A)

2010 A Moving Exhibition (London, UK)

Kulturwochen Amstetten (A)

2011 “earthTrance” at Art Persona Festival (London, UK)

2012 “blood roses” at Galerie ST.A.LL (Amstetten, A)

2015 “earth ART” at The Muse (Brecon, Wales, UK)

“FrauenANsichten” at Schloßgalerie Ulmerfeld (Amstetten, A)