Earth Trance Performance

earth Trance

“earth Trance” is a project that came to live when I submitted my artwork at the Persona Art Festival in London. It is the combination of visual, sound and performing art dealing with the core issue “Mother Earth and the human race”.

The idea was/is to reveal the meaning of a 2D artwork (painting) in 3D space for the “viewers” - as if you could enter the painting finding yourself in a “room” where you can get in touch with the painting, the artist, yourself, each other…..

The chosen artpiece is “Mother Earth”, a bodyprint made out of different soils from around the world - the planet represented by a female human body with a strong looking heart (yet wounded deeply) and an umbilical line-like thread that is about to break…..between the planet and her children, the human beings…..

“earth Trance” is the interactive “story” that involves the people, shows them which state of consciousness the human race needs in order to re-connect with this planet. It needs innocence and playfulness to come together, openheartedness to overcome pride, greed and hatred, curiousity to get in touch with oneself, other selves and the earth (which is not dirty at all!) and the true connection to our own heart to ask Mother Earth for forgiveness for all we have done to her…..

The performance was “carried” by the Planet Earth´s sound/frequency = OM.