Mother Earth knows no frontiers

“Mother Earth knows no frontiers” - 26 single parts form a 5×3m big artpiece

mixed media (oil colour, linseed oil, colour pigments) based on Austrian, Czech and Mexican soil - presented at The Festival without Borders, Austria (2001)

begreife die erde grenzenlos

This artwork consists of 26 pieces of different size and can be put together like a puzzle. It shows a huge earthen head (planet earth) made of earth colour and soil pigments from different countries  ( a special focus lies on sediments from a river along the Austrian/Czech frontier) on dark-blue background (universe) which seems to breathe in and out….

The idea behind was/is that only the human mind is able to create all sorts of barriers/frontiers/differences, only the human brain is able to ignore that Mother Earth does not distinguish between humans of different colours, religions, origins. Thus, no matter the skin colour, religion or culture we originate from - we are all human beings and therefore alltogether children of this unique and beautiful planet. We all depend on Mother Earth´s well-being - we are all ONE! In overcoming our human mind´s limitations and frontiers, we can realise this natural fact and in literally coming together and connecting we can create a new reality that includes respect towards the uniqueness of everybody and the equality and same-ness as human beings.

The single pieces of “Mother Earth knows no frontiers” were exhibited and the people were asked to take their favourite piece from the wall. Then they came together and had to find the persons with the matching pieces. Together they put the big artpiece together and symbolically “created” a New World without frontiers and barriers…..

The 3×5m big artwork could then be looked at from a 5m high platform - amazing!!!